Desk 1. Participant characteristics and types online dating apps utilized (N = 31)

Motif 1: choosing Mr. best – Screening and choosing a person

The members advised multiple factor to distinguish best games on internet dating software. Other than bodily feature and geolocations, three of the things below comprise emphasized as important in selecting advantageous lovers for intimate situations.

Sexual Functions

Although unsure, the participants typically seek out a match on their erotic roles to enable speedy intimate activities. If he or she discover those who prefer the exact same erectile place (for instance, each of these people like to preform insertive anal intercourse), some players would abandon having an encounter however some would agree to non-penetrative love-making (i.e. oral “blow tasks” or manual “hand job” love). A threesome was conceivable if your guy had advantageous bodily properties, for instance being well-built.

We dont always have to complete anal … things basic, including caressing or using grasp (performing hand career), can be “fun” (sexual intercourse) for me’. (Interviewee 21, 28 yrs . old, have made use of a relationship applications for upwards of six months)

Serostatus and Screening Listings

Some going out with apps allow users to reveal her HIV position on their own pages. But it was seldom used or discovered by our personal players, as disclosing her STI reputation by delivering photographs of the latest test results before building a laid-back intimate encounter am more widespread. The players’ conduct toward HIV/STI disclosure comprise different. Internet dating software people indicated diverse thinking toward the variety of HIV/STwe status on one’s account, with (1) some appreciating different people’s honesty in exposing her benefits; (2) some perhaps not believing the final results offered; (3) some avoiding people with positive results, specifically those with HIV reputation; and (4) some are unconcerned.

People can lie. So … I mean, I most certainly will appreciate whenever they place it in there, but i might not simply get it’. (Interviewee 10, years outdated, got put dating applications in excess of twelve months)

(If Your individual mentioned that he is HIV-positive on his member profile) I Might steer clear of drawing near to him or her for love-making, but it is totally okay to be contacts with him’. (Interviewee 15, 19 years old, experienced used going out with software for over six months)

I would honor this person loads. The Truth Is, this sort of people is a much better selection for a long-term relationship’. (Interviewee 28, 38 years, had made use of online dating applications for less than one month)

Locations for Intercourse

Although destinations to generally meet might be easily organized, some interviewees didn’t object to having sex outside or semi-public markets, just like open public bathrooms. For many associated with the people, it could be good if a location could be supplied by the fit, particularly for young individuals.

I Really like gonna resorts, but Im still studying, extremely unless anyone will pay for place scheduling, I Shall stay with checking out their home’. (Interviewee 20, 23 yrs . old, received employed matchmaking programs for longer than twelve months)

Housing and lodges were regarded protected and, ergo, were the most accepted, while motels had been typically eliminated mainly because of the seen chance of shame and uncertainty with regards to their particular LGBT friendliness.

Will motels in Hong-Kong are often very humiliating since the majority of of these usually are for men and women and are generally not LGBT genial. I dont need to be stared at’. (Interviewee 27, 31 years old, got utilized a relationship apps in excess of twelve months)

Motif 2: App-Facilitated Sexual techniques – variants and adjustment

The participants chosen the types of erotic techniques after obtaining the ideal accommodate on a relationship software. Sometimes they offered their particular tastes entirely on her software profiles through verbal or non-verbal cues, for example emoji. The next practices happened to be proposed for typically sang with app suits or are typically begun by folks on software.

Condomless Intercourse

A number of the participants are wary about exercising protected sex. They often regarded staying away from a condom only if (1) either companion had been taking PrEP or (2) these were in an in depth connection with all the person.

Unless I am quite near with him or informed about his standing, I would perhaps not move condomless’. (Interviewee 5, 24 yrs old, got utilized online dating software for longer than one-year)

However, condomless sexual intercourse has also been documented by individuals, especially when they were more youthful, throughout their very first interviewing folks through on-line applications. Younger members happened to be considerably adept about gender and had been not aware of the consequences of condomless sexual intercourse. Hence, they were frequently persuaded or required by the company’s meets to perform dangerous anal transmission.

I was really young at that time so he was actually experienced in sexual intercourse. Most people decided to go to his spot i realized little about policies, therefore we did it without a condom. It Has Been our very first sex’. (Interviewee 14, 22 years old, received made use of online dating applications for more than twelve month)


Most of the individuals agreed upon the boosting rise in popularity of chemsex. On online dating software, it is possible to diagnose chemsex customers through specific representations (e.g., ice cream and snowflakes, which mean methamphetamine/ice) on their app account and typical collection contours. Problems in regards to the side effects of chemsex, including paid off autonomy in making use of condoms as well probabilities of coming to be hooked, had been expressed by members who had been against fun substance utilize. Some non-users also connected HIV/STIs with chemsex and assumed that many chemsex individual was already afflicted. Additionally, chemsex users noted troubles in making use of condoms and greater wedding in group intercourse.